Players agree that the purpose of the Escape Room Misterius is of an intellectual nature for their own entertainment and not to test their competences in any way.

Players are solely responsible for their personal safety while they participate in the game.

The game is not suitable for players younger than 8 years old and for patients with chronic or heart disease. Players younger than 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Before the game players shall sign a statement in which they agree with terms and conditions of the Escape Room Misterius.

Players agree that they will not use any physical force inside the premises of the Escape Room Misterius, which would result in damage of items or equipment. Also, they accept to take responsibility for any damage, caused intentionally or by misuse.

Players undertake not to carry or bring any dangerous, harmful or hazardous objects.

Players shall not enter the game under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, the players who could be of danger to themselves or other players shall not be allowed to participate in the game.

Smoking is forbidden in the premises of the Escape Room Misterius.

Players agree not to disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly to the public without permission of the Escape Room Misterius.

Players shall not be allowed to record, capture or snap any photograph or video recording whatsoever during the game. Also, the use of mobile phones is forbidden during the game.

Players are obliged to pay for their tickets before they enter the game.

Purchased tickets can be returned or refunded 24 hours or more before the purchased term. In case of no-show the money is not refundable and the booking is not changeable.

If the game is interrupted by force majeure the game continues as soon as possible or the players receive a refund.

Escape Room Misterius collects and stores the players’ personal details without disclosing it to any 3rd party and is dedicated to ensure that the privacy of their personal information is protected.